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We would love it if you could make a gift to support our work - If you’re able to, a donation today will keep our team supporting women. Or could you set up a regular donation to help us sustain our work for the long haul?Fundraise for us, or make a donation:


Fundraising for Beyond the Streets, helps generate funds as well as raising awareness of the work we do. Here are some ideas of how you can fundraise to support our vital work with women who are sexually exploited. Contact us to let us know your challenge and our Comms Officer can help promote your fundraiser. Or take part in our NOvember campaign each year to say NO to sexual exploitation.

purchase a Whitechapel Women tote!

Buy our Whitechapel Women tote bag. We must warn you that this bag can create the rare event of making strangers speak to one another on the tube! The purchase of the bag supports our work but it also helps to start the conversations that can remove the stigma, and change the narrative, around not only The Five but also around the vulnerable women we work with.

Challenge Attitudes & Don’t Collude

Share what you’ve learnt and challenge people about the way they view women. We’d love you to take action in everyday ways in your own lives, such as by sharing what you’ve learnt today and challenging the attitudes of friends and relatives. One way you can take action in this way is by challenging jokes/humour that is made towards women involved in selling sex.

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We'd love to stay in touch with you beyond this tour. Beyond the Streets newsletter is a great way to keep in touch and stay in the loop with our work. To do this you can simply click on the image on the left to be taken to our newsletter sign up and follow the instructions from there.

The purchase of the Whitechapel Women cotton bag supports our work and helps to start conversations that can challenge stigma, and change the narrative around not only The Five, but also around the women we work alongside today. Get yours here!